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Our Services

For companies, we place right people, build a tight-knitted team, and bring market intelligence.
For individuals, we support you to start and to grow your career at any stage of the career path.


Believing that SMEs are the most active element in an economy, for them, Driving Force identifies and attracts people with right skills and attitude, to drive the competitiveness of our customers. We meet the needs of our customers in full-time employment or interim solution.

Market intelligence

Did you find the mainstream market reports irrelevant because they are designed for big corporations only? Driving Force conducts surveys and produces industry insights and salary reports which are highly relevant to SMEs.

Career coaching

No matter you are fresh out of school, or have worked for years, one question may haunt you and you find no answer: ‘What should I do next?’ Driving Force’s certified career coaches will lead your thoughts and empower your decisions.

Assessment center

One’s personality can be complicated, but not necessarily for personality assessment. The research shows, no matter how complex a questionnaire and how thorough a report can be, it can only grasp the major characteristics of a person. Driving Force Assessment removes complication and goes back to simplicity and applicability, yet, valid and reliable.

Value added

With own resources or work together with partners, Driving Force provides independent reference check, training, MBA program selection, and business process optimization.