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Since 2011, we have worked with customers in automotive, machinery and automation industries, drove the growth by placing the right people. Our completion ratio is higher than 80%, one-year retention ration above 90%, and the lead time much shorter than market average.

Why choose Driving Force as your favorite recruiting partner?

We are focused

With a competent and agile team, we focus on automotive and automation industries which we are familiar with. We focus on a few customers we formulate a long term relationship with. We focus on people with right skills and right attitudes for our customers.

We are fast

With partners in Europe and the US, with our in-depth industry knowledge and extensive database, we respond to customers request fast – benchmark profile within two days and qualified shortlist within one week.

We are honest

When your requests are too good to be true, when we have setbacks, we are not afraid to tell you the truth. We are as sincere to customers as to candidates. This keeps the retention ratio above 90%, much higher than market average.

We are intelligent

Combination of human and artificial intelligence empowers our performance. Not only equipped with sharp eyes and minds of our team, we but also employed various assessment tools, to validate skills fit and value fit of candidates and organizations.

We are International

With our multinational team and partners, we offer candidates from all over the world. Meanwhile, we are capable of cross-board recruitment and legal advisory.

Who are our favorite corporate customers?

Our favorite corporate customers are small and medium enterprises in your industry, competitive in your segment, and ambitious to sustain market position and grow market share.
Our favorite corporate customers value talents and treat people with equality and fairness.
Our favorite corporate customers take social responsibilities and contribute positive influence to the society where they operate business.

Which form of employment do you prefer?

Full time employment

Fill a manager or executive position for a fixed period of time, typically three to twelve months, with clear targets defined.

Interim solution

Fill a manager or executive position for a fixed period of time, typically three to twelve months, with clear targets defined.

Temporary staffing

Fill a clerk position when the job holder leaves for a period of time, for example, maternity leave.

Contracting service

In case of rigid headcount and urgent business needs, we can arrange contracting service to hire indirectly the selected candidate.

Contact us

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