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Business process optimization

English communication practice

Business process optimization

You grow your business from one person to more than 10 employees, excel and emails are no long sufficient to manage the work flow. You don’t have the budget to purchase IT solution yet.
You have off-the-shelf IT solution, but you feel the process is not in one piece, but many pieces here and there. You are tired of manually connect these pieces every day.
Here is where we can help. With the open source software, we can build easy-to-use system, or simply a plug-in system to your current one to connect scattered dots, at the cost of 20% of market price, to increase efficiency by more than 50%.

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English Communication Practice

You know you can speak the sentence. It’s just stuck in your mouth. You have prepared a speech. But people start asking questions which you have not prepared for. No matter how well you write and read English, if you cannot speak or listen to, it’s the killer of your career advancement.
We offer tailor made English communication class, with 1-5 speaking partners at your level, and one dedicated instructor, 30-40 minutes a day, improve English communication skills significantly in 8 weeks.

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